logo tb4uA brand new series of text books written according to the Curriculum Assessment Policy document for Information Technology to teach Delphi programming.

The books are available as e-books as well as in printed format. The page size and layout is A5 landscape to make it suitable to view an entire page on a tablet screen or projector screen without scrolling. Page numbers are the same in the two versions to make sure the teacher and student using various editions are all “on the same page”.

The CAPS allow teachers to introduce a high level programming language in grade 10. Delphi for CAPS part 1 is perfect for this purpose.

Delphi for CAPS part 2 covers the rest of the grade 11 content and Delphi for CAPS part 3 is for grade 12.

Files needed for exercises can be downloaded from https://www.textbooks4U.co.za/downloads/files

Delphi Part 1

Delphi for CAPS Part 1 can be used in grade 10 for this purpose.

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Delphi Part 2

Delphi for CAPS Part 2 covers the rest of the grade 11 content .

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Delphi Part 3

Delphi for CAPS Part 3 is the grade 12 content.

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