If you prefer to pay in South African Rand, then you can order the E-Books through Textbooks4u. Textbooks4u will then order the ebooks from Drumlin on your behalf and forward the code  from Drumlin to unlock the books  to you after proof of payment has been received. If you order E-Books only select the collection  option when you checkout. The system will then not add shipping cost to the cart total. E-Books should be purchased per device on which you intend to load it. A single license can not be loaded on multiple devices

TEXTBOOKS4U Banking Details
Branch Code:250655
Account Number:62443072210
Account Type:Cheque


The e-books can be used on mobile devices using iOS or Android operating systems as well as Apple Macs and Windows computers.

These files can only be read in Javelin PDF readers. Javelin readers are free, small, fast, high quality PDF readers with built-in security. To download the Javelin PDF readers, simply select the reader required from the Javelin downloads page. Javelin for iPAD is also available for download from the iPAD App Store. The Javelin for Android reader is also available via the Google Play App Store.

A valid authorization code is required in order to view the ebook. When you buy the ebook, you will receive the code in an email. Once a valid code has been used it is effectively disabled for subsequent use on the DRM server, so sending the secured file and the code to someone else will not enable them to access the file.  Ebooks may not be printed, so if you prefer a printed copy, rather buy the printed text book.

You can easily download and unlock the books through the Javelin reader.  Once the ebook has been unlocked on your device you can view your documents anywhere, anytime, on any PC, Mac, iPAD and Android device -no need for an internet connection.

The free Javelin e-reader provides:

  • Fast, Clear, Zoomable Content
  • Bookmarks

And on mobile versions of Javelin you also have:

  • Document Markup (highlight, underline, strike-through and free hand-drawing or handwritten notes)
  • Annotation in little “sticky notes” linked to highlighted text.
  • Various options for pen colour, navigation and page turn animation.

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