Delphi for CAPS Part 1 – Printed Copy


The CAPS allows the introduction of a high level programming language in grade 10. Delphi for CAPS part 1 can be used in grade 10 for this purpose.


The CAPS allows the introduction of a high-level programming language in grade 10. Delphi for CAPS part 1 can be used in grade 10 for this purpose.

Concepts relevant to the CAPS are explained and illustrated first, one concept per page to make it easy to reference and study from. The explanations are followed by brand new practical exercises to develop problem-solving skills and learn the correct syntax. Written exercises are also included to test basic knowledge, highlight common mistakes and guide students to reflect on learning. These exercises can be done for homework.

Delphi for CAPS part 1 includes sections on:
• The Delphi Integrated development environment (IDE)
• Introduction to classes and objects (referring to controls/components)
• Use basic controls for input and output
• Simple data types (integer, real/decimal, character, string, Boolean)
• Declaration and scope of variables
• Assignment of values to variables using the necessary conversions
• Arithmetic Operators and the Order of precedence
• Built-in functions
• How to write your own auxiliary methods (functions)
• If – and case statements and Sets
• Types of errors and Debugging techniques
• For loops, nested for loops, while loops, Repeat loops and Sentinel-controlled loops

The page size of the book is A5 landscape to make it suitable to view an entire page of the e-book on a tablet screen or projector screen without scrolling. The printed edition is a perfect-bound book of about 270 pages with the identical page numbering so that e-book users and printed book users are always “on the same page”. The e-books can be used on mobile devices using iOS or Android operating systems as well as Apple Macs and Windows computers. The Delphi e-books are protected with digital rights management and may not be printed. The Javelin E-book reader will allow you to search for a keyword, set bookmarks, make notes, highlight and underline in the e-book.

The necessary files, as well as videos to explain certain concepts, can be downloaded from

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