Coding and Robotics Grade 2


Worksheets for learners in grade 2. When you order you will receive an invoice via email which can be used to arranged payment through the school. A discount of 10% applies to orders of 10 or more of the same workbook, and a discount of 20% applies to orders of 20 or more of the same workbook.

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The draft curriculum for Coding and Robotics allows 1 hour of instructional time per week for grade 2. This workbook includes TWO worksheets for every hour of instructional time in the curriculum. The 80 worksheets have activities for learners for each lesson. The teacher will explain concepts and skills before each activity. A teachers’ guide, with goals per lesson, preparation, explanations, and all solutions, will be available at ISBN 978-1-991221-89-6


Coding and Robotics in the Foundation Phase consist of the following Knowledge Strands:

  • Pattern Recognition and Problem Solving.
  • Algorithms and Coding.
  • Robotic Skills.
  • Internet and E-Communication skills.
  • Application Skills.

This workbook follows the draft curriculum in the prescribed order. Themes from the Life Skills curriculum are often used to encourage cross-curricular activities. The Engineering Design Cycle is followed, and principles of Computational thinking are applied in activities. Unplugged activities are included as far as possible in case the learners do not have access to computers or do not have wi-fi access for phones. Learners are also encouraged to be aware of their thinking processes (metacognition) by using the six thinking hats from Edward de Bono’s book, “The Six Thinking Hats”.