Files for Programs

Download FilesPractice makes perfect, so you should do as many exercises as time permits.  It is important to follow a year plan to pace yourself to finish the curriculum, rather than finish all the exercises in these books.
The interfaces and necessary files for some programs can be downloaded here (not all of them so that the students have to create the interface every now and again) The files are zip – files and you have to install Winzip on your computer before you try to unzip these files.You are advised to download all the folders and complete all exercises in these folders so that your work remains organised.
The files can be download here or from Dropbox
Any suggestions, comments and questions can be e-mailed to
You are welcome to download the E-books and teachers guides but you will need to buy an authorisation code from Textbooks4u to be able to unlock and use the E-books. You do this by clicking on ORDER BOOKS and then click on Order Ebooks


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