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Delphi for CAPS part 2 –

ISBN  978-0-9922227-2-7  print

ISBN  978-0-9922227-3-4  eBook

286 pages

73 exercises


Software engineering Solution development: planning and implementing a solution Algorithms Functions and procedures

  • Writing your own functions to simplify code in event handlers
  • Built- in procedures
  • Writing your own procedures to simplify code in event handlers

String manipulation

  • Joining strings (concatenation)
  • Determine the length of a string
  • Inc(), dec() procedures
  • Ord(), chr(), succ(), pred()  functions
  • For loops and string handling
  • Comparing letters
  • Comparing strings
  • Upcase function
  • Uppercase function
  • Lowercase function
  • Pos(a,b) function
  • Copy (a,b,c) function
  • Insert(a,b,c) procedure to insert characters into a string
  • Delete (a,b,c) procedure to remove characters from a string
  • Stringreplace(a,b,c,d) function to replace substrings within a string
  • Trim(s) functions to remove blanks
  • Format function to right align numbers

Text files

  • Apply simple file input
  • Apply simple text file output

Arrays as a data structure (1-dim)

  • Structure
  • Declaration of an array
  • Different ways to enter data into an array
  • Step through items
  • Algorithms with arrays
  • Sorting
  • Search algorithms
  • Parallel arrays
  • Sets

Database programming

  • Accessing a database through programming language constructs
  • Simple database transactions using delphi code
  • Navigate the records of a dataset without a loop
  • Use the dbnavigator
  • Loop through the entire table
  • Sort a dataset
  • Filter a dataset
  • Query a database (single table) using simple sql constructs
  • Modify individual fields and records within a dataset with .edit, .insert, .delete,.refresh,.cancel
  • Writing data from a database to a text file

Practise problem solving skills and test and evaluate given solutions

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